NO SHOW IN 2014!

After 45 years as one of the longest, continuously running crafts fairs in the country, the Creative Collective is sorry to announce that it will no longer be holding the Headhouse Square Crafts & Fine Arts Fair at the Shambles located at 2nd & Lombard Sts. Unfortunately we were unable to procure a lease for the space under the Shambles this year from the South Street Headhouse District and could not reorganize to hold the event in another location in time to move forward with the 2014 season.

It is with heavy hearts that we mark the end of a tradition that began in 1967 when a group of young, local artists came together to create an event for the purpose of showcasing their work and promoting the arts and handcrafts at a time when South Street and the area surrounding the Shambles was much different than it is today. Through the years, we overcame many obstacles and changing scenery and struggled to remain a constant fixture within the cultural and historical destination that the South Street area eventually became. Many of our members and surrounding neighbors have fond memories of visiting the crafts fair as children or with their children to partake in the fun festival atmosphere that we were able to create. We regret that we will not be able to continue that tradition.

There will be another organization holding a weekly event under the Shambles this year, but we want to clarify that this organization is not the Creative Collective and the event is not the Headhouse Square Crafts & Fine Arts Fair. Consequently, the show dates that will be occuring this year cannot be applied for through our website or our organization. For more information on what will be occurring at the Shambles this year, please refer to

At this point we do not know what will become of the Creative Collective or whether we will be able to resume holding events in the future. If we are able to schedule future events, we will certainly reach out to let everyone know. For now, we sincerely thank our vendors and supporters for their loyalty throughout the years and hope that we can all come together again someday soon. -Liz Eaby